Friday, November 21, 2014

If There Was Any Book, I Would Choose...

I love books that inspire and play with my heartstrings all at once. While I’m not happy with Veronica Roth right now, I do applaud her book Divergent. Her main character, Beatrice Prior (later renamed Tris) acquires an admirable amount of bravery, selflessness, respect, and overall divergent-ness throughout this thrilling start to a fantastic trilogy (until the end of course). I first met Tris in the Abnegation section of a futuristic Chicago. As Tris approached her 16th birthday, the coming choice between her family and her future weighed her down. During her testing that would decide her future, Tris endured several mind blowing mistakes that forever changed her ideas of the world in which she lived in. Tris learned that she was Divergent, she fit the characteristics of three out of five sections in a version of society the likes of which we have never seen before. After choosing Dauntless, a faction for the brave-hearted, as the place she wanted to be for the rest of her life, Tris meets a new group of friends and shares adventures in their new home-away-from-home. A few bumps in the road during training made her more Dauntless than ever and prepares her for a world altering battle between power hungry leaders and rebels. She might’ve found the love of her life along the way as well…
Veronica Roth wrote this story in a futuristic point of view. Chicago had been demolished at some point in time and the five factions were born from the rubble. Abnegation, Dauntless, Candor, Amity, and Erudite split ownership of the city and created jobs and morals to fit each category of people. But there was also a gigantic web of secrets woven into the storyline. Families betrayed, arguments erupting left and right, tension running sky high between the factions, and new recruits used in a plot against society. Roth created a whole new world for her characters to adventure in, and I think she did it because a unique perspective of the future was needed in today’s boring society. Not only did Roth create a new world, but also new drama that we could talk about with our friends, like it was the new episode of Pretty Little Liars. Young adult literature had never seen a book like Divergent before, and it made our hearts throb for more of it.
When I picked up my copy of Divergent, it didn’t turn out at all like I expected. I thought, “Oh great, another action adventure. Same old, same old.” What I didn’t expect was the well thought out and loveable, or hateable characters, and the thrill of Dauntless. I grew to love Tris Prior as much as I love Percy Jackson! I felt sorry for her, happy for her, nervous for her, all of the things a good characters brings out in a reader. Roth made me want to become a citizen of futuristic Chicago just so I could become a member of the Dauntless faction. All of the action in this book, including jumping off buildings and climbing into moving trains, sounded exciting. Though, I think I would rather skip the fear-inducing simulation testing Tris had to pass to become an official member of Dauntless. I truthfully didn’t have any problems with this book (my problems came later on in the series). I read it over and over and still got the same level of anticipation and fear each time.

I feel like someone breathed new air into my lungs. I am not Abnegation. I am not Dauntless.
I am Divergent.”

Development of character. That is what Divergent is all about. Over the course of this book, Tris starts to realize just what being Divergent means to her. She wanted to be different so that she could make a difference in her city that had been secretly tampered with by a power hungry leader. Instead of hiding who she was, Tris embraced it. That was my overall takeaway from this book, be who you are because it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks. Empowering, right? Divergent also meant a lot to me because I don’t find inspiring, loveable characters often enough. Reading influences me about as much as my friends and family do, and when I can find a book like Divergent, I consider it a part of my life before, during, and after reading it.
Just by read my blog post, you’ll be able to tell that I absolutely loved Divergent by Veronica Roth! It had a great blend of emotion, bravery, compassion, and treachery. Tris was an amazing character to follow during this trilogy and she became a very inspiring and respectable person in my mind. Roth did a fantastic job with her books, I loved every second of it. While Hollywood usually likes to Hollywood-ize all of their movies by adding over-the-top action and adventure and violence, they didn’t need to with the movie Divergent. It already had a ton of Hollywood type things woven into the storyline. All the director had to do was pick good actors to portray the parts, and they definitely delivered with Shailene Woodley. The Dauntless training scenes were similar, so were the battles and family betrayals. The movie was just about as perfect as the book! I did have one questions about Divergent though, how did Veronica Roth come up with the idea of her books? However and whatever she did, she did a fabulous job!


  1. While reading your IRB I was wanting so badly just to run to the library and get Divergent! I saw the movie and completely enjoyed it, but now hearing your response to the book I know that the book might be even better than the movie! Starting with what really got my attention in your entry is when you pointed out how you had feelings about Tris, how you felt happy, sad, and even nervous for her. It is often hard for an author to make readers feel that way, and knowing that Roth made you feel that way makes me want to read Divergent even more. One thing that I wanted to know more about was the actual storyline of Divergent. Like what is Divergent about, what happens to Tris when she becomes Dauntless? I really liked when you wrote about what Divergent meant to you. I think that being yourself is a great message to send out, especially to teenagers who are reading the book. Last, other than the danger that the people of Dauntless go through, what does Dauntless do? Thats one question that I had when reading your IRB. Overall, I loved your IRB and being able to better understand what you thought about Divergent.

  2. I absolutely love “Divergent” and I agree with everything you said about the book. I really liked when you said, “Not only did Roth create a new world, but also new drama that we could talk about with our friends.” This is so true! You can bring up “Divergent” and everybody knows what you are talking about. I also agree with you when you said that you don’t find inspiring, loveable characters often enough. Veronica Roth definitely did a good job creating a character like that. My favorite part of your IRB was when you added a direct quote from the book. That helped me remember how great of an author Roth is and remember what Tris was feeling right then. One question I have for you is why are not very happy with Veronica Roth right now? Is it because of what happens in the next books? At the very end of Allegiant? I know that you probably couldn’t say without spoiling the next books, but I am just curious. I loved hearing your opinion on this book and you did a great job explaining it! ~Anna B.

  3. Tina, your blog entry was great! There were many things I loved about your blog entry. First of all, I loved how you took a direct quote from the book. This definitely pulled me in and made me interested. Also, I loved how deeply you explained the theme of the book but I wish you would have applied it to something in real life. I loved how you related Divergent to something like Pretty Little Liars and saying that it is something to talk to your friends about. After reading your blog entry I had a few questions. Near the start of your entry you say, “While I’m not happy with Veronica Roth right now...” I was curious as to what you meant by this? Also you say “My problems came later on in the series.” After noticing both of these statements you said, it leads me to believe that in one of the later books in the series you had many problems and did not like where the author went with the books. Although this was a little confusing at first, it made me want to read all of the books in the series not only the Divergent. Your blog entry was great and I have no complaints. I can’t wait to read this book and see if I love it as much as you do!

  4. I loved reading your blog post! My favorite paragraph probably had to be the one about what surprised you most. You really put us in your shoes throughout this paragraph and made us feel how you felt. The one thing I might try to work harder on is the paragraph about the way the author wrote the story. To my opinion you talked more about what Divergent was about and less about the different writing techniques used by the author. I think my all time favorite part that you put into your post probably was the quote from the book. It really helped your post and connected to your writing and what you were saying! I read this book and the second book in the series last year and I can’t wait to read the third book in the series.

  5. Wow, Tina just wow! You always do such a great job on all of your blogs! I have also read the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth and I loved it as much as you expressed in your blog entry! To start off, I thought it was very interesting at what you took out of this book, I never thought about the development of character and I thought that was a very interesting and unique way to look at the interpretation of this book! Next, after reading through your blog, I wished you talked more about the other characters such as Tobias or Caleb. Also, maybe a little more detail about what each of the factions represented. These are just a few details that I wish you went into more depth about. Other than this minor detail, I loved your blog and I really reading your IRB. I also disagree with Veronica Roth for how she ended this enchanting, action filled trilogy! I do not want to give away spoilers, but I will say I was heartbroken and was furious with her decision! Last, I definitely relate to how you felt about Tris as a character. I loved her as a character and she was also an inspiring role model to me, she was not afraid to show who she really is, DIVERGENT! All in all, you did an amazing job, like always, and I agree with everything you said about this thrilling novel!
    -Sienna Golden

  6. I can honestly tell you this, you really like this book, huh? I can tell. You explained the plot with such gaping detail that it made me want to check out the book! I’ve actually never read this, not even seen the movie! I sure do now. I love how you used amazing vocabulary to explain every detail. You told you’re own little story by showing your connection to the book. You showed me that the book is structured and written out very well, especially the idea of the overall plot and characters and the creative things Veronica Roth thought of. I liked how you connected Pretty Little Liars to this, very good! I absolutely loved your post, it was thought out and I can see how much you love this book and how you took something away from it when you finished it. Just one quick question, what was it that made you angry about the book or series? I’m excited to see what book you write about next, hopefully one of the second books, maybe?